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"There’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation"

 – Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Justice Minister Canada, 1967, Later Prime Minister, Quoting Martin O'Malley of the Globe and Mail Newspaper

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   In the year 2999 written history is forbidden. A capital offence. Yet Loeth dreams of recording the huge inventory of oral histories he has heard. 

The short, stocky Loeth travels the world as a reporter for local news outlets. At the same time, he spies for Ceth, a Sentinel. His journeys bring to light hundreds of stories begging to be told to a wider audience.

    Supported by a small circle of loyal friends and sexy lovers, using a quill and ink, the 50-year-old Loeth pens a personal memoir. He tells the suppressed history of the world as revealed by the stories he has heard.

He rebels against the Authorities to follow his dream. He rejects the Sentinels’ commandment, called a Prock, “Live in the day: history does not exist and tomorrow never comes”.

     Surveillance by the all-powerful Sentinels is everywhere. Ceth says he will not monitor Loeth’s home. Can he be trusted? Anything Loeth writes could be exposed. Loeth’s driving compulsion to finish his illicit memoir overpowers his fear of discovery and probable death. 

   Follow Loeth’s and his gifted friends’ difficult journey through its many twists and turns to its surprise conclusion. In this debut novel, Michael Young tracks the dystopian side of a seemingly utopian society.

   The seeds of tomorrow’s history can be found all around us today. See where they lead.

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